About Us


Energy Dynamics is a hands-on team with the mission to harnessing cutting-edge technology solutions to conserve energy, reduce pollution and improve your quality of life. Since being established in 2010, we have completed or 2,000 comprehensive energy audits and LED lighting installations at of commercial building, faith-based facilities, schools, and multi-family facilities. Our installations utilize energy saving measures that qualify for extensive rebate programs from Federal, State, Local Governments and Utility companies.

We offer free energy audits and will submit detailed proposals to you of the project cost, energy savings, savings on maintenance, payback period, return on investment, amount of rebate, and $ savings over a 10-year period.


With nearly 20 years of hands-on experience in project and energy management, building commissioning, mechanical engineering, and HVAC controls, Mr. Haywood not only possesses the skills to help bring a building to its full operational potential but also the dedication to deadlines to make it happen.

We are technically oriented professionals who thrive on a balanced hands-on and analytical approach to assess facility systems and operation. We stand out in our ability to clarify complex issues, develop, and implement viable solutions and measure their effectiveness.