Savings Office Building Case Study Energy Efficiency

Replacement of Glenrock Joint Venture 4ft linear tubes within parking garage


Glenrock Joint Venture is a commercial office space located in Rockville, Maryland. The project was a lighting retrofit covering both the parking garage within the facility and the exterior parking lot. Existing fixtures were fluorescent T8’s in the parking garage and metal halides in the parking lot. All were retrofitted with corresponding LED replacements; 18 watt LED T8’s in place of the fluorscent 32 watt T8’s, and walllpacks or pole-mounted fixtures were installed for the metal halides.

Square Footage: 30,000
Typical Garage Fixture: Fluorescent T8 Tubes
Typical Exterior Lot Lighting: Metal Halide Flood lights

Measure Installation

Garage & Parking Lot kWh Annual Cost
Before 814,314 $101,789.29
After 370,399 $46,299.83
Annual Saving: 54%
Payback Period: 4 Months
Savings After 2 YearS: $93,803.92
Savings After 5 Years: $149,293.37
Savings After 10 Years: $260,272.29